[Bio] Living with Stem Cell


Posted by kamzero on 2019-07-16


It’s my homework for hku course, living with stem cell. I worked with Mrs.DONG to draw a cartoon and express the idea of stem cell.

" At first we were interested in the formation of the scars on our body, believing that skin stem cells play a very important part in the process. However, after doing some research, we found out that the formation of the scars, as a way our body protects itself after being hurt, normally let the skin cells to proliferate and the skin stem cells only were used in therapies when there is a large area of skin injury.So we thought the topic is not suitable for the cartoon and then we started to look for other subjects. After watching a documentary film on stem cells, we found iPSCs really revolutionary and interesting, so we decided to show its principles using our cartoon. And after taking the lecture on the topic, we were aware of the potential risks existing in this technique, we believe it’s necessary to cover the negative side in our work as well. "

All in all,we learn a lot by doing such homework,which is so different from what I did before.